Research shows that this week in April is the best time to sell.

Have you considered selling your home this year but have been waiting for the perfect time? According to’s research, that time is swiftly approaching. Based on their analytics, the week of April 16 to 22 is expected to have the ideal balance of housing market conditions that favor home sellers more than any other week of the year for most of the country.

However, here in central Florida, you’ll have a little extra time to prepare your home, as they predict that the following week of April 23 will be the best time to list. If their research is correct, what can you expect if you list your home during this week? Prices will be 6.7% higher than they were at the beginning of the year, your property will receive 21.8% more views than during an average week, there will be 8.9% fewer price reductions during this period, your home will be competing against 13.3% fewer listings, and properties listed during this time are predicted to be on the market for six days less than homes listed at other times.

“The best time to sell your home is swiftly approaching.”

Is April 23 the best time for you to list your home? That depends on whether it aligns with any events in your life motivating you to sell and whether you have completed any last-minute repairs or updates needed to get your home ready for sale. These factors might weigh more heavily on your sale’s success in today’s market. 

If you’re thinking of selling, reach out to us so we can determine when is the best time for you to list. For any questions about your real estate plans, don’t hesitate to call or email us. We’re here to help.